Data Sources

Data sources!

General Portals
UN data portal - data from the US gov.
US Census Bureau
"Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network" - notably helpful.
NCAR "free" - misc. world climatic data
Ocean Observing System Teacher Resource Center online data

Politics and Elections book odds - poke around, bookies have a lot data, particularly about sports. And remember: book odds are payout over cost. (helpful glossary)

US environment
USGS Maps, imagery, publications, and data some software available under "data"
Surf your watershed (US EPA)
Census of Agriculture
NCDC "free data" includes coop station records (National Climatic Data Center)
Lightning specific NASA data

US economy
FRED - Federal Reserve economic data
US Money Supply
Agricultural product trade data from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

Health Statistics

USA Political Data
USA national elections predictions and results
Follow the Money
Open Secrets
Little Sis
Sunlight Foundation
Farm Bill 2007 money

US Miscellaneous
IRS list of US charities
Association of Religious Data Archives
US National Center for Educational Statistics

Colorado data
Colorado Labor Market information
Colorado Department of Education
Colorado By the numbers (more links)
Colorado Water Conservation Board - (law/money oriented "traditional" conservation, not so much modern)
Colorado Geological Survey downloadable data page



US government geodata portal
Find lots of other stuff ...
Libre Map

EROS (Earth Observing... ) a complex mound of data!

Data for/from "The National Map"

USGS DRG's (GeoTIFF) and DLG's

NWS GIS links & AWIPS Shapefile Database

GIS users weather portal - primarily USA

NOAA nautical charts to GIS info

US "Earth Explorer" - I think it is possible to get useful data out of this...

Oil and natural gas in USA
Oil and Natural Gas In Iraq

Renewable energy potential
NREL may have better data somewhere.

USGS LIDAR data (point clouds), some publicly available

Southwestern plant distributions




A lot of reposting, with curiosities added, like Ace Hardware locations, and telephone exchanges


Dept. of Local affairs GIS data

University "online bibliographies"
CU Boulder library GIS links
CSU library GIS links
Colorado DOT road and ownership geometries

Colorado county resources, seems sketchy, but useful

BLM is by state - in the West. Colorado BLM

Colorado water board GIS

Boulder County GIS

LaPlata county GIS


Places as shapefiles, strictly informally defined! Flickr shapefiles

OpenStreetmap as shapefiles

NASA’s Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC),
data detail in

Stanford libraries African mapping cheatsheet

Landsat orthorectified images via EROS (USGS). Helpful, though slightly dated, use notes here: CKAN geo-landsat notes.

Place names and disputed names, as used by Yahoo

Aerial imagery sources as gathered for the now shelved openaerial map project.

Panned in reviews, but perhaps still interesting

British rock, not a source of Rock-n-Roll, however.

UK, mostly

Not open enough

Danish weather

This should be more useful than it appears, maybe

software for cruel things

Making shape files from point clouds (of geotagged photos!), and other stunts

Library of Location Algorithms project page

Test parsing for geography (and extra placenames) Yahoo Geography Technologies

What to do with PDF-only maps according to ESRI , and others.

And the opposite thing... making maps to pdfs

Shapelib - a C library for manipulating shapefiles.

Various curiosities


Illustrated guide to non-profit GIS and online mapping

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